The Deets

Here are the details about my disorder that I don’t particularly feel like hashing out mid-post. Look here for the more technical data, anatomical definitions, and anything peripherally relevant to the background of my vertigo. Like the sordid past of my nemesis. Think prequel.

I’ve attempted to categorize this info into sections about anatomy/disorders, diagnostics, standard chemical and homeopathic treatments, vestibular rehabilitation therapy (VRT), and finally dielectical behavior therapy (DBT.)

Also, if you happen to have a general, textbook question about any of this and you’d really like my take on it because Google search just doesn’t do it for ya, feel free to ask and I’ll try to post the answer to the best of  my non-medically trained abilities.

*PLEASE NOTE: I am not a medical doctor. All descriptions in the details section or anywhere else on this blog are not intended to be medical advice; they are simply my recollections of my own medical treatment program. Do not use this information as a diagnostic tool for your own condition. If for any reason you feel that information here is incorrectly presented, please let me know. Additionally, several images in this section are not my own–they have been taken from Google images. An attempt has been made to properly identify sources, but I acknowledge that I do not own the copyrights to those materials.


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