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All Quiet on the Western Front

13 Nov

Not much vertigo-related material to report or comment on for the last 24 hours other than lethargy. As of this morning I can finally start the VRT exercises again without too much pain, though I’m not entirely sure I want to deal with that today. Tomorrow I’ll probably get back to jogging a bit just to see where my balance is; I took a hiatus because I wasn’t stable enough to make the laps with the head cold. Other than that, today was a day to just be.


It is not worth an intelligent man’s time to be in the majority. By definition, there are already enough people to do that.

7 Nov

That title is a quote by Godfrey Harold Hardy, one of the last century’s most prominent number theorists, and a bit of a snob. Nonetheless, he knew his field and I suppose if you’re as good as he was, you can afford such luxuries as narcissism. Believe it or not I actually chose this quote for a topical reason besides my love of math, so I’ll get to that now.

First, let me just say that this is officially a head cold, complete with all the accoutrements of illness–namely mucus. Remember how all of my VRT exercises involve vigorously shaking my head in various orientations like a human maraca? Well, when you slosh mucus about your head space with that sort of determination, it stops being terribly uncomfortable and starts to burn. Continue reading

There’s sick. And then there’s sick.

5 Nov

Well, the weird fluctuations in my balance that have been creeping up on me aren’t weather. Weather probably isn’t helping, mind you, but I woke up this morning and my throat’s on fire. I’m officially sick. Again.

So far, it’s made me more wobbly than normal, more irritable, and just generally miserable. The VRT exercises were overtly painful. Usually I can power my way through that, but today? Today I have mucus. And mucus changes things. But one nice thing is that the autogenic training designed to divert bloodflow to my extremities seems like it can help with the intense throbbing in my head right now.

I fact, I think that this is the perfect time to get back into bad, and practice autogenic meditation. And if it happens to turn into sleep… well, it is what it is. 

It only works… if the number is two.

1 Nov

Session 2 of Group therapy! I’m tired as all hell (5am is just an ungodly hour to be taking a shower before hitting the road) but I’m very much thankful for this experience. I’m learning quite a bit more than I expected, both about these techniques and myself. But there’s a lot I want to try to cover, so I’ll relegate my own perceptions to later posts over the next two weeks (from now on, the remaining meetings are every other Thursday.) 

The 2nd session is again partitioned into two main areas of study: autogenic training exercises and cognitive restructuring.  Continue reading

Monday is Monday

29 Oct

It’s amazing to me that no matter how detached my life is from an actual schedule, I always feel like Monday is some sort of dramatic imposition on my person. I’ve been doing the VRT exercises as faithfully as possible (I’m supposed to be doing them 3 times a day, but most days I can only stand about 2 cycles before it becomes intolerable) and so far I’ve been pretty at peace with that. It’s going to suck–it has to get worse in order to get better. But for whatever reason, Monday rolls around, and my go-to reaction is an infantile “I don’t WANNA.” And I truly don’t understand, this. What don’t I wanna? I know that I can do this, I know that this is intended to improve my life, and honestly, all things considered, it hasn’t caused me to derail in a combustible pile of FAIL yet, so what gives?

I’m trying very hard to not be judgmental, because that’s part of being mindful, really. So, self. There’s really no problem with you having a chilly relationship with a day of the week on an arbitrarily concocted calendar. But you’re aware of it, and that’s good. So don’t go beating yourself up because you’ve got a case of the Mondays.