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Take the teacher, not the course

10 Feb

I wrote this before the term started:

One of the biggest reasons that I hate splitting a series of coursework is that you’re fighting at least three things: time, methodology, and instructor. Taking a year gap in my 130 coursework was not the plan, especially since it means picking up with a different instructor (not bad, just different–different generation => different tactics) but it is what it is. The good: all the instructors (former and current) know who I am and I’ve been keeping in touch which means I’m not in a vacuum–if I need help I’ll have it. The bad: I’m picking this up in the second half of the series which means I’m expected to know the material from the first half (information that everybody else in the class has freshly imprinted on their minds.) The ugly: Changing instructors means changing texts… My old text did things in a “reverse” order from the common presentation. Specifically, we jumped right into epsilon delta proofs and continuity arguments whereas almost everybody else and their mother starts with sequences and series, compactness, and subsequential limit points.

It’s going to be an adjustment and I will have my difficulties fighting this material. But call me an optimist–I think I can do this.

I was an idiot, and I was ignoring so many signs. Including the ones I couldn’t have foreseen.  Continue reading


Reflections on the past, states of being, opportunity, and looking forward

16 Dec

As of last Thursday (December 13, 2012) my tenure with the Santa Rosa vertigo clinic is over. However, that hardly means my experience with vestibular rehabilitation is complete. Continue reading

Vaguely passable caricatures of competence

9 Dec

Long-term dizziness is not something easily incorporated into one’s life. It does things to a person. Physically, emotionally, spiritually. When visual perception is compromised and anxiety sets in, the self-esteem takes a pretty big hit. The feeling of insufficiency and incompetence pervades your motions, your emotions, your psyche. It takes training and extraordinary amounts of time to turn a disability into something that is as natural as having arms or a nose–to wear it like it’s the most normal thing about your person. Once the acceptance begins to play a larger role, there are moments when you begin to feel as if you aren’t playing at being who you say you are–you just are. Continue reading

Seriously world? SERIOUSLY?

5 Dec

Damn, this is a really fucking awful year for my favorite Davids!

First Rakoff on August 9th, 2012 and today we lose Dave Brubeck. I am so incredibly saddened by this, you have no idea. Dave Brubeck is the soundtrack to the good parts of my childhood. I was brought up in jazz. I don’t mean this schlocky musically homogenized crap that Kenny G and his ilk spew out, I mean the good stuff. Oscar Peterson, Miles Davis, Thelonius Monk, John Coltrane, Horace Silver, Stan Getz, Henry Mancini  Vince Guarldi, Louis Armstrong, Gene Krupa, Buddy Rich, Nat King Cole I can do this for days, people. Jazz influenced my life in so many ways–screw classical, if you want your kid to hear something that’ll make their neurons twitch, go prenatal jazz with the Baby Einstein tapes.

My favorite musician? The one I identified with most? Hands down, Dave Brubeck. This was the first musical styling that connected to–not my dad’s, not any professional recommendation–my decision and mine alone. It was my first real strike at independence. At all the jazz festivals I’ve been privy to (as a kid I used to work hospitality for the musicians) Take Five was the first standard for which I could chew the fat with the swingin’ jazz cats. It empowered me in some pretty critical developmental stages. 

This sucks. It’s like losing a piece of yourself to the progression of time. And I feel as though I’ve lost so much of that over the past two years to this vertigo. Still, the one beautiful thing about the art form is that it can be preserved on CD. So, I’m going to pop in Time Out and spin away to the strains of the Quartet. Here’s to you Dave. Here’s to you.

Class Warfare

26 Nov

Well, today was definitely one I was both anticipating and dreading. Today happened to be my Spring 2013 registration date. Continue reading