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Take Five–the final meeting

13 Dec

Wow… My last meeting of the vestibular group. Correction: the last meeting of this vestibular group. Continue reading


Four Day Creep

29 Nov

Session four! Four. Four of five. Four is supposedly a perfect number. After session four of the Vestibular problems group, I am decidedly of a different opinion…. Continue reading

Three. It’s a Magic Number.

16 Nov

As promised, I want to cover what went down yesterday in session three of five in this epic series of vestibular rehabilitation. Continue reading

It only works… if the number is two.

1 Nov

Session 2 of Group therapy! I’m tired as all hell (5am is just an ungodly hour to be taking a shower before hitting the road) but I’m very much thankful for this experience. I’m learning quite a bit more than I expected, both about these techniques and myself. But there’s a lot I want to try to cover, so I’ll relegate my own perceptions to later posts over the next two weeks (from now on, the remaining meetings are every other Thursday.) 

The 2nd session is again partitioned into two main areas of study: autogenic training exercises and cognitive restructuring.  Continue reading

Que Sera Sera. Or part 2 of yesterday’s post.

26 Oct

In yesterday’s essay I never actually got the “what I did today” or “how I felt about it.” And to be fair, I write at length so I probably wasn’t the only dizzy one at the end of that. So let’s regroup and pick up from where we left off:

I have a total of 5 Coping with Vestibular Problems Group sessions (4 more) over the next 9 weeks and each session has a specified collection of skills I should be focusing on. Sound good? Alrighty let’s roll. Continue reading