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Chasing Pirates

8 Dec

It’s a bit past midnight and I can already see that my old friend insomnia is visiting. Continue reading


Miles to go before I sleep…

6 Dec

I’ve been taking a lot more naps lately. I don’t know if this is a temporary development or if it’s a notable diminishing in my overall energy levels. I’m just tired, even though I’m not busy per se. It’s not that I sit at home all day–I do manage to get out and do things–but my rebound time before I feel like I can get up and go again feels longer and I have an overall feeling of sluggishness when I do move. Perhaps I need to sleep more? I already feel lazy when I sleep well into the mornings, but this is exactly the symptom I wanted to address by taking the term off. I still don’t like the idea of sleeping 18-20 hours a day, but there are distinct indications that my body wants to. Still, I have trouble with sustained sleep–I often wake up two hours in. Am I sleeping too soon? Am I not tired? It’s just a horrible feeling to walk around feeling drowsy and lethargic, like I’ve just downed a bottle of Benadryl… If it keeps up, I’ll ask the doctor (though I doubt he’ll have much to say.) Anyway, that’s all for now; I’m not in the lucid state of mind to carry out a coherent post.

Enter Sandman

28 Nov

Oy. It’s raining like crazy today. I know we really need it, but it makes me feel less than human. Zombified is a good term. Very tired, and very hungry. For what? I don’t know–I can’t taste all that well in this state. All of my senses are really confused. I usually just end up eating a lot when it rains because my stomach is prepping itself for reverse peristalsis and rapid ejection of whatever I have in there. And if there’s nothing there, it becomes dry heaving, and that hurts a hell of a lot more than having something to convulse against. If I don’t pay attention, I’ll seriously be gorging all day during a strong storm cell. Continue reading

MAYDAY! In November.

17 Nov

Ho-leee crap, folks. Today? Today SUCKED. I mean, I usually have all manner of disturbances with storm systems, but it’s been a long time since I’ve had this sort of response. It’s rainy and windy like a proper winter rain cell right now–one of the first decent ones we’ve had all season since last year and…

I woke up, and I didn’t realize I had. Continue reading

Daylight Saving + seasonal cold – NyQuil = INSOMNIA

6 Nov

Well, this is officially not a 24-hour bug. I’m 100% awake and it’s in that ambiguous zone of night where it’s no longer late-night but we haven’t quite hit wee hours of the morning. 3am welcomes you. Continue reading