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The power of no

10 Dec

I remember a few years back when Jim Carey played a conservative debbie downer in the movie Yes Man. In this film, he was introduced to the power of “yes,” a pseudo-cultish technique whereby you say “yes” to everything (whether you want to or not) in an extreme attempt at inculcating an open, welcoming attitude for life. I liked that movie (Zoey Deschanel was in it, too–love her,)  but uh… yeah the technique is full of crap. Continue reading


Trippin’ up turkey!

22 Nov

Navigating the holidays is typically a complicated process. With vertigo, that process is relegated to a fine art. Distracting colors, excessive noise, rapidly-moving critters (e.g. pets, children) are all triggers for dizziness, and they form the very core of the fabric that is thanksgivachristmahanakwanzakeanewyears. That is what I call this period after Halloween and before Boxing day. It is madness, wrapped up in a ball of crazy and I have the delightful pleasure of putting my own unique spin on it all.

At the moment, I am very full, so I will edit the rest of this post later. Right now, I really need to sleep. To be continued… Continue reading

Wisdom is a tricky species.

21 Nov

I once had a friend tell me that I’m the wisest person she knows. That struck me as odd. How sad, that I should be the wisest person in someone’s acquaintance. Of course, I was 18 then, and fresh out of high school which made it even more of a stretch. But even still, I wouldn’t consider myself wise. Old for my age, sure, but age has nothing to do with wisdom.

So much of this therapy is based on aligning yourself with your wise-mind. I often wonder if I even know what that means. Continue reading