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Take the teacher, not the course

10 Feb

I wrote this before the term started:

One of the biggest reasons that I hate splitting a series of coursework is that you’re fighting at least three things: time, methodology, and instructor. Taking a year gap in my 130 coursework was not the plan, especially since it means picking up with a different instructor (not bad, just different–different generation => different tactics) but it is what it is. The good: all the instructors (former and current) know who I am and I’ve been keeping in touch which means I’m not in a vacuum–if I need help I’ll have it. The bad: I’m picking this up in the second half of the series which means I’m expected to know the material from the first half (information that everybody else in the class has freshly imprinted on their minds.) The ugly: Changing instructors means changing texts… My old text did things in a “reverse” order from the common presentation. Specifically, we jumped right into epsilon delta proofs and continuity arguments whereas almost everybody else and their mother starts with sequences and series, compactness, and subsequential limit points.

It’s going to be an adjustment and I will have my difficulties fighting this material. But call me an optimist–I think I can do this.

I was an idiot, and I was ignoring so many signs. Including the ones I couldn’t have foreseen.  Continue reading


Reflections on the past, states of being, opportunity, and looking forward

16 Dec

As of last Thursday (December 13, 2012) my tenure with the Santa Rosa vertigo clinic is over. However, that hardly means my experience with vestibular rehabilitation is complete. Continue reading

Wisdom is a tricky species.

21 Nov

I once had a friend tell me that I’m the wisest person she knows. That struck me as odd. How sad, that I should be the wisest person in someone’s acquaintance. Of course, I was 18 then, and fresh out of high school which made it even more of a stretch. But even still, I wouldn’t consider myself wise. Old for my age, sure, but age has nothing to do with wisdom.

So much of this therapy is based on aligning yourself with your wise-mind. I often wonder if I even know what that means. Continue reading

Is zero helicity sufficient?

19 Nov

You know that saying “art imitates life.”? Well, I am firmly of the opinion that science–research science–can imitate life as well. Continue reading

I only run when chased.

14 Nov

When I begrudgingly decided (read: biologically forced) to take this semester off in February/March 2012, something inside me broke. Academia was (and in a sense is) my life. Everything was so cleanly laid out before the vertigo–I had a graduation map (actually I had several,) an idea of where I wanted to go with my education, what I needed to do to get there and when. When all of that changes… well what the hell do you do? Continue reading