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Lessons in humility

2 Dec

Living with vertigo has been… something else. Daunting at times, frustratingly devastating at others, plus unexpected moments of happiness sprinkled about. It’s a very odd existence, and it’s highly subjective. So subjective, in fact, that I often forget how it can affect those I care about. Continue reading


As Time Goes By

25 Nov

 Being dizzy all of the time puts this weird filter on my time sense. Today we celebrated my nephew’s 10th birthday two days early. It’s crazy to think he’s three years away from being a teenager. I know I hated it when people would say that I’m growing up too fast, but damn. I get it now.  Continue reading

100 purple balloons for those who make my world go round.

24 Nov

Due to my personal familial circumstances, I am essentially an adopted a member of no less than five families. I love this, because I am never wanting for support, good stories, or love. However, during the holiday season, it does mean that my presence is a bit like a time share–it needs to be shared in a choreographed manner among several and sometimes mutually exclusive families. This, in an of itself, is a dizzying circumstance, but I do it anyhow because  it is what one does for family. Unfortunately I woke up this morning feeling extremely unbalanced. Continue reading

Fatigued with family is okay by me.

23 Nov

Not much to report today. I’m exhausted and dizzy, but not from shopping, thank god. I flat out refuse to participate in Black Friday madness because frankly? Nobody near and dear to my hear should be questioning my affections based on what I do or do not gift them during the holidays. (Long story, but essentially I am firmly of the opinion that the commercial aspects of this holiday are blown out of proportion.) Not only that, van you imagine what would happen to my if I tried to fight the crowds? With my vertigo? Oh, man–lack of balance, lack of orientation in department stores (especially with the fluorescent lights), attacks triggered by commotion and bright colors… I’d be trampled right now. No good, folks, nooo buenooo. 

So instead, I chilled out with my sister-in-law because she asked if I wanted to help her with her light painting project for her photography class. It turned out really well, and I enjoyed myself and my nephews and my big brother who I rarely get to see since he’s working like an adult or something (when did we grow up? I never agreed to this!) On top of this, light painting is something that takes place in darkness. I was able to do stuff in the dark and not collapse while waving about flashing lights. Score!

Trippin’ up turkey!

22 Nov

Navigating the holidays is typically a complicated process. With vertigo, that process is relegated to a fine art. Distracting colors, excessive noise, rapidly-moving critters (e.g. pets, children) are all triggers for dizziness, and they form the very core of the fabric that is thanksgivachristmahanakwanzakeanewyears. That is what I call this period after Halloween and before Boxing day. It is madness, wrapped up in a ball of crazy and I have the delightful pleasure of putting my own unique spin on it all.

At the moment, I am very full, so I will edit the rest of this post later. Right now, I really need to sleep. To be continued… Continue reading