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11 Dec

It’s cloudy outside and it looks like rain (though I don’t necessarily feel rain–I do feel the clouds, though.) And to be perfectly hones, I feel like crawling back into bed and ruining two weeks worth of insomnia correction measures because I’m feeling a bit under the weather  Literally and figuratively. I mean, I can’t even have any self-soothing chocolate ’til Thursday. It’s going to take some serious coping mechanisms to not bust into that tub of rainbow chip frosting that I just discovered in my pantry and go to town on that high fructose corn syrup like they’re no longer subsiding it. But it’s winter, which means I have a secret weapon: Cuties. Continue reading


Chasing Pirates

8 Dec

It’s a bit past midnight and I can already see that my old friend insomnia is visiting. Continue reading

Miles to go before I sleep…

6 Dec

I’ve been taking a lot more naps lately. I don’t know if this is a temporary development or if it’s a notable diminishing in my overall energy levels. I’m just tired, even though I’m not busy per se. It’s not that I sit at home all day–I do manage to get out and do things–but my rebound time before I feel like I can get up and go again feels longer and I have an overall feeling of sluggishness when I do move. Perhaps I need to sleep more? I already feel lazy when I sleep well into the mornings, but this is exactly the symptom I wanted to address by taking the term off. I still don’t like the idea of sleeping 18-20 hours a day, but there are distinct indications that my body wants to. Still, I have trouble with sustained sleep–I often wake up two hours in. Am I sleeping too soon? Am I not tired? It’s just a horrible feeling to walk around feeling drowsy and lethargic, like I’ve just downed a bottle of Benadryl… If it keeps up, I’ll ask the doctor (though I doubt he’ll have much to say.) Anyway, that’s all for now; I’m not in the lucid state of mind to carry out a coherent post.

The Case of the Wibbly Wobblies

3 Dec

Meh. Woke up this morning and… pressure fronts abound. It’s not going to be anything like the past week (and as awful as it may have been for you to walk/bike/drive/swim through, imagine what it must be like to feel the precipitation via pinching in your ear,) but we’ve clearly got more weather coming up. So sayeth the ear, and the ear? The ear knows. I’d say by tomorrow at the latest. Which means today I can’t walk straight to save my life and I’m going to take a nap now, thanks. Just call me Ollie. Good night, and good luck.

Me and the terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad day.

30 Nov

Does anybody remember that book? It was one of my favorites as a kid. Anyway. Rain. So, so much rain. And weather. So, so sick right now. Spent most of last night dry heaving, so not going to posting much.  Also, I just found out that grandma died last night (sad, but it was a long time coming so I’m okay.) Nonetheless, it means mom  has to be in Red Bluff ’til Sunday so I get to self-soothe. Ugh. Night folks.