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Take the teacher, not the course

10 Feb

I wrote this before the term started:

One of the biggest reasons that I hate splitting a series of coursework is that you’re fighting at least three things: time, methodology, and instructor. Taking a year gap in my 130 coursework was not the plan, especially since it means picking up with a different instructor (not bad, just different–different generation => different tactics) but it is what it is. The good: all the instructors (former and current) know who I am and I’ve been keeping in touch which means I’m not in a vacuum–if I need help I’ll have it. The bad: I’m picking this up in the second half of the series which means I’m expected to know the material from the first half (information that everybody else in the class has freshly imprinted on their minds.) The ugly: Changing instructors means changing texts… My old text did things in a “reverse” order from the common presentation. Specifically, we jumped right into epsilon delta proofs and continuity arguments whereas almost everybody else and their mother starts with sequences and series, compactness, and subsequential limit points.

It’s going to be an adjustment and I will have my difficulties fighting this material. But call me an optimist–I think I can do this.

I was an idiot, and I was ignoring so many signs. Including the ones I couldn’t have foreseen.  Continue reading


It’s Time To Start. Rock Concert Movement No.1: The Basic Headbob. Ready? Go!

25 Oct

Day one! Here it is! Really, really friggin’ early, too–I was up at 5 am (after falling asleep at 2 am,) so the first half of the day was spent in a very quippy, very sarcastic mode. This is usually when I’m at my funniest because I don’t possess the cognitive faculties to filter out my inner voice (and damn, she’s a bitch.) It’s not like I don’t deflect proper expression of immense dissatisfaction with poorly veiled snark and color commentary every day, but make no mistake. I am not a morning person. However, it’s a really good thing I was on the road by 5:30 am because bay area commuter traffic is impressively awful what should’ve been a 2 hour ride took 3.5 hours. That’s 3.5 hours of my dad deftly dodging idiots who can’t signal or leave a following distance or stay in their own lane… The kind of crap that makes me glad someone else is driving because If it were me, I’d be emanating this post in spirit from the flattened remains of my roadkill carcass. Driving: do not try this while under the influence, and with vertigo, I’m always under the influence. But in this entry, I really want to focus on the setup of therapy, and what it’s going to be like. So, moving on.

The Vestibular Problems Group is led by physical therapist Omay Water-Schmeder and neuropsychiatrist Christine Naber of the Santa Rosa Kaiser Permanente (and also from my neurotology panel. See last post.) They’ve been integrating DBT into programs for vestibular dysfunction patients for 12 years, and they continue to publish statistically relevant results from this work (which is why I had to sign that waiver! I could be one of those N values next time around!) For those of you not versed in statistical analysis an p-tests, I’ll go ahead and say that these results are pretty damn positive. Continue reading