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Take the teacher, not the course

10 Feb

I wrote this before the term started:

One of the biggest reasons that I hate splitting a series of coursework is that you’re fighting at least three things: time, methodology, and instructor. Taking a year gap in my 130 coursework was not the plan, especially since it means picking up with a different instructor (not bad, just different–different generation => different tactics) but it is what it is. The good: all the instructors (former and current) know who I am and I’ve been keeping in touch which means I’m not in a vacuum–if I need help I’ll have it. The bad: I’m picking this up in the second half of the series which means I’m expected to know the material from the first half (information that everybody else in the class has freshly imprinted on their minds.) The ugly: Changing instructors means changing texts… My old text did things in a “reverse” order from the common presentation. Specifically, we jumped right into epsilon delta proofs and continuity arguments whereas almost everybody else and their mother starts with sequences and series, compactness, and subsequential limit points.

It’s going to be an adjustment and I will have my difficulties fighting this material. But call me an optimist–I think I can do this.

I was an idiot, and I was ignoring so many signs. Including the ones I couldn’t have foreseen.  Continue reading



11 Dec

It’s cloudy outside and it looks like rain (though I don’t necessarily feel rain–I do feel the clouds, though.) And to be perfectly hones, I feel like crawling back into bed and ruining two weeks worth of insomnia correction measures because I’m feeling a bit under the weather  Literally and figuratively. I mean, I can’t even have any self-soothing chocolate ’til Thursday. It’s going to take some serious coping mechanisms to not bust into that tub of rainbow chip frosting that I just discovered in my pantry and go to town on that high fructose corn syrup like they’re no longer subsiding it. But it’s winter, which means I have a secret weapon: Cuties. Continue reading

Chasing Pirates

8 Dec

It’s a bit past midnight and I can already see that my old friend insomnia is visiting. Continue reading

This little piggy went to market.

7 Dec

Or she should’ve. The house has no foodstuffs in it right now and that’s becoming a problem. I’ve entrusted my dad to do the grocery shopping, but he’s a lifelong bachelor who still eats like a little kid with a militant vegetable aversion. It’s just unhealthy and I refuse to eat crap all the time. This does mean, however, that on occasion I will have to go to the store, like an adult capable of feeding herself, and purchase my own edibles. And therein lies the root of my monster right now: I do not do well in the supermarket. Continue reading

Miles to go before I sleep…

6 Dec

I’ve been taking a lot more naps lately. I don’t know if this is a temporary development or if it’s a notable diminishing in my overall energy levels. I’m just tired, even though I’m not busy per se. It’s not that I sit at home all day–I do manage to get out and do things–but my rebound time before I feel like I can get up and go again feels longer and I have an overall feeling of sluggishness when I do move. Perhaps I need to sleep more? I already feel lazy when I sleep well into the mornings, but this is exactly the symptom I wanted to address by taking the term off. I still don’t like the idea of sleeping 18-20 hours a day, but there are distinct indications that my body wants to. Still, I have trouble with sustained sleep–I often wake up two hours in. Am I sleeping too soon? Am I not tired? It’s just a horrible feeling to walk around feeling drowsy and lethargic, like I’ve just downed a bottle of Benadryl… If it keeps up, I’ll ask the doctor (though I doubt he’ll have much to say.) Anyway, that’s all for now; I’m not in the lucid state of mind to carry out a coherent post.