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Me and the terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad day.

30 Nov

Does anybody remember that book? It was one of my favorites as a kid. Anyway. Rain. So, so much rain. And weather. So, so sick right now. Spent most of last night dry heaving, so not going to posting much.  Also, I just found out that grandma died last night (sad, but it was a long time coming so I’m okay.) Nonetheless, it means mom  has to be in Red Bluff ’til Sunday so I get to self-soothe. Ugh. Night folks.


Four Day Creep

29 Nov

Session four! Four. Four of five. Four is supposedly a perfect number. After session four of the Vestibular problems group, I am decidedly of a different opinion…. Continue reading

Enter Sandman

28 Nov

Oy. It’s raining like crazy today. I know we really need it, but it makes me feel less than human. Zombified is a good term. Very tired, and very hungry. For what? I don’t know–I can’t taste all that well in this state. All of my senses are really confused. I usually just end up eating a lot when it rains because my stomach is prepping itself for reverse peristalsis and rapid ejection of whatever I have in there. And if there’s nothing there, it becomes dry heaving, and that hurts a hell of a lot more than having something to convulse against. If I don’t pay attention, I’ll seriously be gorging all day during a strong storm cell. Continue reading

I’m tired…

27 Nov

Holy crap, folks–I’m wiped and the ever-present  dizziness factor is not playing nice today, so I’m going to forgo posting anything of note today and sleep this off. But, for your entertainment, I give you Lilly Von Schtupp.

Class Warfare

26 Nov

Well, today was definitely one I was both anticipating and dreading. Today happened to be my Spring 2013 registration date. Continue reading